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How Roman Cane Corso's began...
Marty Giarrocco and Tino

In the summer of 1993, I saw my first Cane Corso. A friend had purchased a female and as a young adult she was the most majestic looking dog I had ever seen, very old world. When she moved it looked like a big cat moving, almost lion like. Wow! Of course I wanted to know more and was given a brief lesson on the breed's ancient history and was able to look at some copies of old pictures, very fascinating to say the least. A few months had gone by and that friend had told me she was going to have puppies. Never owning a dog before I decided to put a deposit on a male. I reserved 1st pick. When the pups were old enough to pick out, I noticed mine had a mark on its head that the breeder couldn't explain. I decided to back out. I learned later that the mark turned out to be nothing but maybe fate had other plans. Still wanting very much to get one of these dogs, my girl friend at the time had looked on prodigy and found a breeder relatively close to my house. Jackpot, she found DiGuardia Kennels owned by Mark and Tracey Wilson.

At that time, there were only a hand full of breeders, DiGuardia's being right up there. Although my friend's female came from the same bloodline, I was willing to pay more for breeder representation and knowledgeable support. I was becoming educated. Not only did they have one of the original CC'c brought to America (1988), Champion DiGuardia's Bruno (litter mates with Cocomo, Ballo and Malocchia), they were also co-founders of the ICCF (International Cane Corso Federation) breed club. The ICCF is the biggest breed club and registry still to this day. Speaking of fate, they had a litter of puppies born with this Bruno and a female from Bari, Italy named Champion DiGuardias Pantera (litter mates with Zale).

After meeting Mark and Tracey and the dogs, I was thoroughly impressed and felt very comfortable.
Unbelievable dogs and knowledgeable and caring people. I was sold and left them a deposit. When it came time to pick a puppy Mark and I decided on this black male which I later named Roman. I had many questions over the next few months and man did that research of finding a top quality breeder pay off. During that time I had also became friends with the Wilson's. So much so and Roman turning out to be pure delight, I bought a second, a female I named Siena (daughter of Bruno). Over the next two to three years, our friendship grew and so did my involvement with the dog world. I started competing in dog shows and before long, Roman became a 2 time Champion and Siena wrote all the records for the females at that time. Being tutored by the Wilson's and increasing involvement with their business we co-owned dogs and 2 more puppies were placed with me, Turilla and Milana (Milana being littermates with Grand Champion Francesca De Mar E Sol and both being daughters of Grand Champion DiGuardia's Prince). Mark went to Italy to get Prince and kept relations with a couple of kennels where others were imported. Actually more were sent back then kept. Mark and Tracey were very particular about what dogs were right for the original lines. Not only the look but stable temperaments. (These dogs mentioned can be found @ "Famous ICCF Cane Corsos" )
* Most of the "Famous ICCF Cane Corsos" make up the Roman Cane Corso line.

Tracey was an unbelievable trainer, I mean she knew everything. I would go with her to her clients houses where she would train their dogs for everything, all different breeds of dogs too. Toy breeds to giant breeds. We would take Roman along as a demo dog. Roman would be the example of how a dog should act. They were fun times.

As time went on the bloodline was set. All the selective breeding and hard work had paid off. The puppies in the litters were very consistant with the original dogs. Old world quality, stable temperaments and minimal health concerns.

What happened next was unfortunate. Due to personal reasons, the Wilson's left the dog business and started to sell the stock. I, still working as a carpenter, was unable to take on any more dogs. Although they left, I still wanted to continue. I took what I had, the dogs that were in my person, all the knowledge and experience I learned, and went forward. In 1997 I founded Roman Cane Corso's, Inc., basically an extension of DiGuardia's Cane Corso's. The lines are in place, the tradition continues.

I would like to welcome anyone who has any interest in a Cane Corso. I've spent every day working for the betterment of the Cane Corso breed, ever since I bought Roman. I've done my best to procure the original dogs from 1988. I believe that the right Cane Corso makes the best family companion and protector out of any other breed I've seen. I encourage all who are shopping to have their priorities in order. If you're buying a CC for color or status, you probably have the cart before the horse. With the explosion of puppies being produced in this country, I've seen the quality of the breed as a whole go down. Be careful! The wrong dog in the wrong situation without support from someone who knows, is a formula for disaster. I try to make every experience for every client the right one. Having the bloodlines set, in all aspects, brings consistency throughout the litter and insurance with your selection.

Support System:
Clients, now friends, whom have become involved with the breed themselves, along with my support and knowledge with a desire to assist you, completes your search.

Marty Giarrocco
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