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When selecting a dog food, the following essentials are recommended:

1. The word "real" should appear within one of the first three ingredients (i.e. real beef, real chicken or just simply beef, chicken).

2. Choose "all natural" food preservative.

3. Protein levels should be between 23%-28% (to prevent rapid growth).

4. Fat levels should be between 12%-14% (to prevent overweight).

5. Avoid overfeeding, especially table scraps and too many treats. This can change the balance of your growing puppies' recommended diet. Increased proteins and calcium can cause the bones to grow too rapidly and may effect the development of joints and cartilage as well. This can also attribute to problems in the future development of your puppy. Keep your growing puppy on the leaner side.

Suggested Dog Food:

Roman Cane Corso's uses Purina ProPlan Formulas.

Feed selected Large or Giant Breed Puppy Formula for 18 to 24 months. Then switch to selected Giant Breed Adult Formula (fortified with Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate).

Today, many companies are making an adequate food for this type of dog. Remember stick to a large and giant breed formulas. Others include: Eukanuba, Nutro, Science Diet, Diamond, etc.

Suggested Feedings:

3 times a day until 14 weeks old, then twice a day for life (allow ample rest before and after feedings).


The activity of your puppy should be limited, until the age of 2 years or longer (this depends on its' size and growth rate). Your puppy will not reach full maturity until the age of 3 - 4 years (males will take the longer). Your puppy will put on most of its' weight and size in approximately the first 10 months of its' life. Excessive physical activity, trauma, rapid growth and overweight could damage the undeveloped joints, cartilage, cartilage flaps, underlying soft bone and ligaments of your growing puppy. "Easy Does It" 

It is recommended that you avoid the following:

•  Extended time on slippery surfaces (i.e. linoleum floors)
•  Jumping (i.e. in and out of vehicles or up and down)
•  Unnecessary stair climbing
•  Excessive hill climbing
•  Excessive playing
•  Pulling
•  Putting weight on (i.e. 'pony rides')
•  Excessive weight gain
•  Over crating

Remember, give your puppy time to grow!
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