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"After his looks most of the comments we get are about his calm demeanor."

Dear Gensen and Marty,

To give you guys an idea of what we think of him, our cheeks and stomachs hurt from smiling and laughing all of the time. Both Amy and I take him to work and split time each day with him, we work only 1 block away from each other. He loves everyone he has met so far. I think some people come in just to see him, not either of us. There have been numerous comments about his coat and eyes, he is absolutely stunning to look at. In fact part of my morning ritual is to wake before him and just stare at him. After his looks most of the comments we get are about his calm demeanor.  He follows Amy and I implicitly, very occasionally his curiosity slows us down, but most of the delays walking down the street are from people stopping to gawk. He also gets along with other dogs beautifully and is undaunted no matter what size dog it is. We are looking forward to watching Q grow and learn, he amazes us at how fast he picks things up.

Thanks again for all of the help, we will be in touch soon.

Jeff and Amy


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