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"He is the sweetest puppy we have ever had!"
"He is a great ambassador."

Hey Marty,

When we first brought Basso home, Stella our Rottweiler, would not let him near her. When he would try to lick her she would run up the stairs and sit there so he couldn't get to her. On the 4th day, out of nowhere, she started running the yard in circles like a greyhound; whenever she would get to him she would jump over his head ...with the final jump, she knocked him down and licked him a few times. They have been inseparable since.

He is the sweetest puppy we have ever had. Don't let Stella know I said that! We can't wait to get up in the morning to be with him.

I was just telling Geo the other morning that whenever I tell people the puppy is a Cane Corso, they think I mean Presa Canario and with all the scary press on those dogs, even my vet, having never met a Cane Corso, thought I meant a Presa and asked me why would I want a dog like that! That was over the phone. So, I started saying Italian Mastiff. But then I thought Basso is so Sweet and Amazing, I am doing a disservice to Cane Corsos. He is a great ambassador. I'm sure there will eventually be some bad press when the wrong people get these amazing beasts but what you are doing for the breed will rise above all that.

I will continue to send photos as he grows. He is in puppy school, just for puppy socialization.

Have a great weekend.
Jackie and Geo

P.S. - I forgot to tell you the funniest thing, Basso is truly Italian. When I have Jazz, Blues or Country on, he sits quietly. As soon as I put Opera on, he starts howling and doesn't stop. Especially to Caruso! I might have to get him on the Letterman show! Kidding of course.

Basso and Stella: good friends

Basso and Stella: better friends!

Partners in Protection

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