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"Incredibly gentle and loving..."


Hi, Marty!

Just wanted to send a couple pictures your way of our Diva around her first birthday. She's a beautiful girl, and my baby. Incredibly gentle and loving, and loves to lean against you and put her head on your lap. One of the pictures is of her "guarding" my brother-in-law with my baby nephew sleeping.

Hope your new place is doing great. We'd love to see it sometime and bring Diva to visit!

Beth Rocchino

Diva at one year old

Diva and her family

"She loves her walks around
the neighborhood with us,
playing with the kids..."

Hi, Marty!

It's Beth Rocchino, and I wanted to let you know that Diva is doing wonderfully. She just turned 2, and is a lean, muscled 99 pounds. She loves her walks around the neighborhood with us, playing with the kids, or hoping to get splashed with the hose when Frank waters the flowers. I have a lot of little nephews and nieces, and she always sits by them when they play and watches them. If one wanders off, she goes and gets him and nudges him back to the others. It's so funny to watch!

The other day, Frank and I were in the kitchen and heard Diva barking very loudly. I went out, and there in the driveway was a strange man we didn't know, almost climbing on top of our mailbox because he was scared of Diva! Now, Diva was about 10 feet away from him. He said to us, "that scared me seeing her run out at me like that!" Frank told him not to come on the property and asked what he wanted. He made some lame excuse about selling steaks. (He was driving an unmarked pickup truck.) We said we weren't interested and he drove away. The whole time Diva stood between us and the man and didn't budge. I was never so proud of her, and never so happy that I had that dog! You know, the cane corso is such a loving, family dog, you sometimes forget that they're fierce protectors when they have to be.

Anyway, thought you'd like to hear that story.

Beth Rocchino

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