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"Brutus has surpassed my expectations on his temperament."

"He is calm yet energetic, protective but friendly.

Dear Marty,

Let me begin by saying thank you so much for creating such a wonderful line of cane corsos. When I was searching for my dog I was concerned that the stereo-type of this breed's dangerous temperament were true. However, when I ran into "Roman Cane Corso’s, Inc." my mind was put at ease. I researched this breed and Marty’s line for a couple of years, and I was very impressed. Marty was very informative, answering all of my questions with expertise. He made me feel as if I was getting the best looking, the best tempered, and the best blood line available for cane corsos.

When I first brought “Roman’s Brutus” home with me, I could not believe the reaction I got. People would always stop to ask about Brutus, saying what a great looking dog he is. He received so much attention and so many compliments, that we created the nickname "Hollywood" for him.

Living with Brutus has been a joy. I own a three family dwelling in the city, which is occupied by family. My girlfriend and I have no children, but we were concerned with the kids in the house and the other dogs in the neighborhood. Brutus has surpassed my expectations on his temperament. He has lived with us for seven months now, and we have had no problems. He is calm yet energetic, protective but friendly. My, 2 year old, nephew and Brutus are best buddies, and his interaction with other dogs has been great.

If I was searching for cane corsos and I ran into Roman Cane Corso’s, the search would stop here. Take it from experience, there is no other cane corsos like Roman Cane Corso’s.

Manny Silva


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