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"... the thing that really impressed me was seeing all of Marty's dogs.
He let them out into a courtyard and they were all so wonderful."

Dear Marty,

Well Dante is now 3 months old and I have had him one month. I love everyday with him. He makes me laugh...he makes me smile and most of all he gives me love.

I remember over a year ago when I decided to get another puppy; I researched the breed that I was going to get. I searched and searched and then cane corso seemed to fit all of my needs.

Now the next thing was to find the right breeder and to get the right pup for me. I did look around before I finally decided that a Roman Cane Corso was where I should be. I wanted a pup that would be bred for temperment and one that I would be proud to own. I did try to find cheaper pups but they just did not measure up. So the next step was to speak to you and get the ball rolling.

My best friend,Tammy, said to me.......you have to get a Roman pup. No other one will be as good so let's just do it. The next thing I knew.....I was waiting for my puppy to be born.

Marty's partner-----Paul----had a champion dog (Tika) that was about to have 12 puppies. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH waiting for the birth was like waiting for my own children to be born. Paul was kind enough to send pics of the pups at the age of 2 weeks. It made me feel like I was part of what was going on. Then as they grew----more pics----oh i was so happy. I knew that one of the males was going to be mine and that I actually have pictures of him when he was soooooooooo young.

Then the happy day came----Tammy and I were off to get our puppies for she was getting a female. We both were so excited and happy. Marty and Paul helped us pick out our pups and they were wonderful about answering all of our questions.

But the thing that really impressed me was seeing all of Marty's dogs. He let them out into a courtyard and they were all so wonderful. They all listened and got along so well. For me, at that moment, I felt--------------YES THESE DOGS HAVE GREAT TEMPERMENTS-------I HAVE MADE THE RIGHT DECISION.

At home the first night my little pup---Dante--slept on the rug beside my bed. He is a pleasure to own and live with.

The first visit to my vet proved also to be another great adventure. Dante was a perfect gentleman and adapted well. It shows how well he was socialized as a wee pup. My vet said------what a great Cane Corso....I have not seen one that has been bred this well.

I have had him out around people and in many different settings and he seems to adapt well. Next weekend I am taking him to a show so that both he and I can learn the show ring.

Thank-you Marty and thank-you Paul and family for giving me a well adjusted and happy puppy. I am sure that we will have many adventures and pleasures together. Keep up the good work.

I am sending a few pictures along.

Smiling and happy,
Carolyn Meloni

Congratulations to Carolyn & Dante:
New ICCF & Rarities Champion

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