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"I must say he's a pretty smart pup!"

Hey Marty!

Just wanted to let you know "Guido's 1st night went very well!  He and Gage have already bonded.  He just follows Gage around everywhere!  He only whined for just a few minutes in his kennel before he fell asleep for the night, and he hasn't had any accidents in the house or kennel. I must say he's a pretty smart pup!  I'll send a few other pics too. He's made himself right at home.

Thanks for everything,


"He has such a 'willing to please attitude' that every new command
he learns is no problem!"

Dear Marty,

In September of 2004, we made the journey from South Bend, Indiana to Eastern Pennsylvania to begin our life with our new puppy “Guido”. Our dream was to own a dog that would not only be a companion to our Chocolate Lab, Sam, but also a dog that would become big, strong, beautiful, and most of all a loving member of our family.

Well, Guido is all of that and more! Words cannot express what a perfect dog he is. House training was a breeze, and it was almost as if he was programmed with the basic commands when we brought him home at 9 weeks of age.

We have a two-year-old son, Gage, that Guido loves and protects like a life-long friend, which is exactly what he is! They immediately formed a bond, and Guido lets Gage crawl all over him without a care in the world. Furthermore, if it is possible for a dog to be empathetic, Guido definitely exhibits this characteristic. When Gage cries, Guido tries to console him with a soft howl. If Gage cries louder, Guido matches his volume and tone in some sort of natural harmony! Other than the first few nights after we brought Guido home, this is the only time he howls.

We love to take family trips to Petsmart where other dogs cower behind their Masters as Guido marches by with uncompromising confidence. (If only they new how gentle he is!) Yet, when another dog is willing, he greets them with a wagging nub tail and a friendly lick. We’ve also begun taking him to obedience classes; not that he really needs it, because he is such the star of that class. He has such a “willing to please attitude” that every new command he learns is no problem!

He alerts us with a gentle bark or a light scratch at the door when he needs to go out, or come inside. However, if someone enters our property that is unfamiliar, he undoubtedly does his job! Let’s just say that he can be quite intimidating, especially now that we have two “Guard Dogs”!

Marty, we can’t thank you enough for providing us with such a terrific dog!

Ben, Christie, and Gage Hannewyk

Awesome Beach Pics - 2007

Guido and Gage growing up together

Guido: The Surfing Cane Corso

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