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"I guess it's a small world after all."

Hi Marty,

Its Amir Litovich here, I have to tell you about something special that happen yesterday.

Me and my wife went to Venice Beach California with Cloey, you know to get her use to the noise and people….before everything let me tell you that about every second or third person stopped us and asked “what kind of dog is it?” and she was getting compliments like you will not believe. She was the thing to look at, everyone was staring at her (who can blame them she is beautiful !!).

As we headed to our car after a long day at the beach we came upon this nice man who stopped me and told me- it’s a cane corso right?! I was surprised to find out somebody actually know this breed and I said yes. He asked me if I want to see a grown up cane corso? I immediately said yes, he told me wait 10 seconds, he went up to his condo and came back with this giant beauty, amazing 140 pound cane corso. Cloey started to play with like crazy and we started to talk. After 2 minutes I found out he got this dog from you!! His name is Kevin James and his dog name is Roman's Phantom. He actually has a testimonial on your website, the dog is now 4 years old and his just beautiful.

I’m very glad I met him because its my first look at grown up cane corso in person, and he is leaving California to Florida so the timing was perfect. I guess its a small world after all.

Bye bye,
Amir Litovich

Kevin James' dog (Phantom) and Cloey


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