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"Not once in the two hours I spent at your kennel was there any inappropriate behavior. You told me that you stressed breeding for sound temperament but this was truly astounding."


Our family purchased our first Roman pup in January 2005. Gabriella was born June 10, 2005. From the time I placed the order until it was time to pick up our puppy I think we phoned you at least ten times. Every time you were patient and thoroughly answered all our questions. I came to your kennel in early August to pick up our pup. As I pulled up the drive I became a little apprehensive at what I saw, several large corsos running loose with a group of pups. One female I recognized from your web site was Shelby. She was barking rather loudly and I could tell she was being protective. Without hesitation you flung open the gate to the enclosed area. I was immediately greeted with kisses from several large dogs. I walked into the enclosure and it seemed every dog in your kennel was excited to see who had come to visit. That is when something truly amazing happened. In less than five minutes every dog that had been barking or pacing stopped. They seemed to realize I was not a threat and all settled down. Upon closer inspection I realized that a large male was loose in the enclosure with three of the females. I could not believe that all these dogs could be loose with a litter of eight week old pups without a problem. After our introductions you grabbed my pup and let me hold her for the first time. This seemed to calm down Shelby as she grabbed a kong toy and brought it to me. I could tell I had gained her trust. After spending fifteen to twenty minutes observing my pup and her littermates, we began to talk about some of your adult dogs. Again, to my amazement any dog that was mentioned could be let out of their pens at any time without regard to other dogs or puppies in the open area. My brother has bred rottweilers so I am well aware of what can happen when an aggressive male gets too close to young pups. Not once in the two hours I spent at your kennel was there any inappropriate behavior. You told me that you stressed breeding for sound temperament but this was truly astounding. It was then that I knew you had something special with your dogs. As far as looks go, I could tell I had made the right choice.

Gabriella has just turned eight months. She has been everything you promised and more. She is easily the best puppy I have ever had. She is highly intelligent and takes very easily to training. She was completely crate trained in less than two weeks. I think it would have been less but it took a little bit before I recognized when she was telling me it was time to go. When I picked her up you pointed out straw in a portion of her kennel. You explained this is where the puppies would go to the bathroom. When I brought her home I put some straw down in the yard where I wanted her to go. Well it worked. She still uses the same general area today. My wife and I have a three-year-old boy and a six-month-old daughter. Gabbi has been phenomenal towards them and has gotten along perfectly with our adult dog as well. She is striking to look at. I could watch her play for hours. She has great muscle tone, size, strength, temperament, the complete package. I will attach photos to show you how well she is doing. Strangers often ask what type of dog she is and are always complimentary after meeting her. I am sure she will bring many years of joy to our family.

In closing I would like to say I did not know Marty or his dogs prior to purchasing one of his pups. I have been following the breed for ten years now and I am familiar with all the major breeders. I can honestly say with out hesitation that these are some of the finest dogs available. If any one has any questions or is looking for a referral give Marty a call and ask for my number.

Thanks, -
Brian Croix
New Lenox, IL.

Gabriella at 3 months old

Gabriella at 9 months old

Gabriella at 2 1/2 years old


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