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" Lodovico loves to meet new people and loves the attention, he is so gentle with young kids and loves to play; plus he is very well behaved."

Hey Marty,

Sorry I have taken so long to write back, its just we have been super busy with our new baby Lodovico who is doing fantastic! He has grown so much and has really shown us that he is going to be a champ! He has the looks and attitude of a champion that's for sure!

He is everything we wanted in a puppy and MORE. He is so loving with people, especially kids and other dogs, even our kitty Pancho. (who's not the nicest cat in the world) What most impressed us besides his health and looks was just how intelligent he is, he is so smart! We enrolled him in "The Dog Squad" a really great dog training program, and he has impressed our trainer Steve so many times. Steve said he is extremely intelligent and attentive for such a young pup. In fact Lodovico learned how to 'sit', 'stay', 'come' and 'off' in one training session!! I kid you not this dog is a genius. He also loves to watch television, its so cute to see him move his head side to side as he looks on.

Lodovico loves to meet new people and loves the attention, he is so gentle with young kids and loves to play; plus he is very well behaved. People always come up to us and say "WOW look at those paws! what kind of dog is he?", of course we just gush about Roman Cane Corso telling them all about your kennel and how great of a breed the Cane Corso is =). I cannot wait until he is old enough to jog with me and my mom at the Marina we live next to, he is going to be a great jogging partner.

We truly got our moneys worth, no dog is more complete that a Cane Corso; you have companionship, a guardian and a dog who has the most lovable personality. Everyone in my family loves him so much, we are so happy that we chose Roman Cane Corso. I will send you pictures of Lodovico as he grows so you can see what a stud he's going to turn into! Anyone who is a responsible owner that wants a great family dog and all around genius, look no further than Roman Cane Corso. You will be more than pleased.

Keep up the good work Gensen and Marty and thanks for being so helpful with all my questions over these months!

Thanks Again,
The Pena Family


 Hello Marty,

Just giving you guys a update about Lodovico. He is doing so great, we can stop talking about him to everyone. He loves his puppy class, it is so fun to watch him play with all the other pups. Vico is the biggest puppy there! All the pups are the about the same age, but he now weighs around 40 50lbs!! Pretty soon I'm not going to be able to pick him up. Honestly Vico has such a wonderful personality, he is so sweet with people and dogs alike. In fact I don't think Vico knows how big he actually is, since he thought a 3lb toy dog was bigger than him! He is so well behaved that when the trainer used him in a display of how to teach your dog to sit in front of the other owners; Vico sat right down without a fuss. Everyone loves him at the Vet, in fact Vico loves going to the Vet (first dog ever probably). =) We are going to out first outdoor show in Antioch (Sept 22-23) and we all can't wait! We all actually want to get another Corso! I guess you can't just have one. =) We will probably wait until Vico is older to do so, but we would love to adopt another from you guys. (we'll let you know about this later on). Hope all is well with you guys and the dogs. =)



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