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"He is pretty easy to train. He is also amazingly low key."


I hope you all are doing well. I wanted to drop you all a line on Loki and ask a question or two. Loki is doing really well. At about 7.5 months he is around 95 lbs. His growth has started to slow down quite a bit which I suspect is normal at this age. My wife is wondering how much bigger he will get :)

He loves to be with us all the time...sometimes he just wont leave us alone. He is great with the kids especially given he is still a big puppy. There was a period of time where we had to really work with him on not pouncing on the kids (just playing of course) but he seems to be moving out of that stage.

His training is going well. He is really good on a leash now. Fetches, sits, lays, shakes, knows "leave it", and our favorite is his place command. We can put him in his place and he won't move until we release him (knocking at the front door, sitting down at dinner, guests over etc doesn't break the command). He is pretty easy to train. He is also amazingly low key.  Lately he sometimes gets a little wound up when walking him and other dogs start barking but I think that is b/c he is realizing who he is and flexing a little if you will.

We are still working with him on the aloofness with strangers. Inside the house and having guests over we have a method of introducing him that seems to work everytime....out and about well some folks he is ok with and others its a no go.

All in all we very happy with this guy so far.



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