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Hi marty! 

Just wanted to tell you how completely AMAZING  Blu is! I am almost speechless! She is the most perfect little angel ever! She is only 9 weeks old now and is house breaking like a dream...without a kennel! I don't think I have spent money this wisely ever!! My older dog Sadie is of course and angel, too! People stop and just stare when I have the girls out on the town. They are amazed at such magnificent animals, and extremely curious as to their breed. They are equally amazed at the girls' gentleness and perfect temperaments! I still can't believe how utterly perfect your dogs are. When I first purchased Sadie from you, I also purchased another Cane Corso from another breeder. You told me that I maybe dissapointed in any other breeders dogs because yours are the best, hands down, NO comparison. Well, I thought "Yeah, right" and went ahead and bought that other breeders dog. I was never so sorry in all my life!! That puppy single handedly distroyed my beautiful landscaping, chewed though walls in my house, pooped constantly on my new white carpets, to the point that I replaced the carpets!! AND I spent 2000.00 dollars with a dog trainer and another 1500 hundred at the vet because she was sick!! Well, I thought I had saved a few bucks when I bought her from the other guy, but as you can see, I made a huge mistake!! Now Sadie, your sweet puppy that I bought at the same time as the other breeders dog, never needed any kind of training outside what I taught her on my own, which, to my amazement, she learned the very first time I worked with her!!I swear in all my years I have never, ever seen a dog do THAT! The house breaking only took a week! I am so sorry that I ever doubted you! I have since sold that other dog and came back to you (with my tail between my legs!!) and purchased Big Blu! Thank you sooooo much! Words can not possible tell you how amazing your dogs are. I also want to thank you for never, ever making me feel like "you told me so" about the other dog. All your countless hours spent talking to me about how wonderful these sweet creatures are are so appreciated as well. ( Lord knows how long winded I am!) haha...Your expertise and patience is beyond measure.

Thankyou, thankyou!!!

Robynn Lerner and The girls

Blu at 8 weeks

Robynn, Sadie and Blu

Blu and Sadie

Robynn and Sadie (16 months old)

Sadie at 16 months old

he is AWESOME!! Hands down the nicest, sweetest, most playful dog ever! My whole family adores her!"

Hey Marty,

She is AWESOME!! Hands down the nicest, sweetest, most playful dog ever! My whole family adores her! 


Rosie (New Addition!)

Rosie and Sadie

Rosie and Sadie

Rosie and Sadie


Rosie and Sadie

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