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"The first time I came to your place, I remember being so amazed when you let all of your dogs out at once and I felt totally at ease."

Hey Marty!

I'm sorry it took me so long to send this to you but Rocco has really been keeping me busy, especially now that he is a show dog and all (smile). He is absolutely everything I could have hoped for and much, much more! His temperament is perfect, he has that old world look that is so unique to all of the dogs in your kennel, and he is the sweetest dog I’ve have ever owned! As you know, we have a Cane Corso? breed who has a bit of an attitude problem and Rocco has even seemed to calm her down because he is so even tempered. On the other hand, I could not ask for a better guard dog. Even at this young age (6 months, 75lbs.), he never hesitates to let us know when someone is near the property and he never hesitates to let the person on our property know that he is watching them. He gets along very well with our other two dogs: Diamond (Bichon Frise, 8yrs) and Storm (Cane Corso ?). We take him everywhere we go and people are constantly stopping to ask about his breed and to tell us what a beautiful dog he is. Up until he was six months old, he went to Doggy Daycare at least once a week and the people that worked at the facility fell in love with Rocco because of his super sweet personality.

The first time I came to your place, I remember being so amazed when you let all of your dogs out at once and I felt totally at ease. That was the first day I met Shelby and fell in love with her. I told myself that day, that the next time you planned a litter from Shelby; I would put a deposit down on one of her puppies. Well, more than a year past before I contacted you again and during that time, my husband and I visited some other kennels to learn more about the breed. After a year of visiting other kennels, we realized that there was absolutely no question where we were going to get our next Cane Corso. When I called and you told me that you were going to breed Shelby and Nico, I knew I had to get one of those puppies! So I put my deposit down for second pick male.....and then I waited........

Waiting for Rocco to be born was so exciting! I called you every day with questions and concerns and you were ALWAYS PATIENT with me. Thank you for that. The day finally came when I could bring Rocco home. When I saw him I thought he was the cutest puppy I'd ever seen. I wanted a show dog and that is exactly what I got. Our very first dog show was in Philadelphia and I was terrified! With your help and support I overcame my fear and Rocco won Best in Show that day! Our very first dog show and he won Best in Show! At that moment I knew I would never buy another dog from anyone but you. Thank you so much for everything Marty. From the first time that I called you to tell you that I wanted to put a deposit down on a puppy, you were always very helpful and made me feel comfortable. We have since become friends and I am so grateful to have met you. I've told you more than once what a wonderful person I think you are and what phenomenal dogs you produce. Rocco has been everything I ever dreamed he would be! If anyone ever has any questions about how wonderful your dogs are, please do not hesitate to refer them to me. Here are a few pictures.

Thanks Again Marty,

Erika & Troy Miles

Rocco at 4 months

Erica and Rocco - winning at Rocco's first show!


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