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"His growing loyalty to me and my girlfriend (and even her dog, a long haired Jack Russell) is incredible."

"Temperament is why I decided to buy from you and have not been disappointed."

I have to say that the past 6 months with Loki have been amazing.  Seeing him grow and mature has been wonderful. His growing loyalty to me and my girlfriend (and even her dog, a long-hair Jack Russell!) is incredible.   Living in NYC allows him to get all the socialization he needs.  Since I picked him up from you he has been around 5 to 20 dogs a day. From day one he has been the talk of the park. I walk down the street with Loki and overhear people telling who they're walking with, "That's the dog I was telling you about." People constantly stop me on the street to ask all kinds of questions about Loki. When I tell them he is only 9 months, there mouth drops wide open and "Oh my gosh!" usually follows.   With other dogs he has been amazing. Speaking of his loyalty to Woody, my girlfriends Jack Russell; Last week in the park a dog started a fight with Woody and had him pinned down, Loki saw this and went over and grabbed the other dog by the neck and pulled the dog off Woody. He was not overly aggressive but knew Woody needed a little help.  My life has definitely changed because of Loki. A change I love. I can't imagine not having him by my side. He is the reason I met my girlfriend. 2 weeks after I got him, we were walking in the park and were stopped by a beautiful girl and her dog. 6 months later we are still together doing great. All 4 of us! So I guess I have you to thank for that.  I can't tell you enough how grateful I am for you and the work you have done with these dogs. Temperament is why I decided to buy from you and have not been disappointed. There is another Corso in the area but I feel sorry for him because he can't take his dog around any other dogs because he is too aggressive.  Let anyone know if they are having second thought about buying a Roman Cane Corso or if they have any questions to feel free to contact me. I would love to talk to them and let them know all about my experience.

  Thanks again Marty!

  Tommy Carter
 (H) 646-672-5186

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