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"He is the protector of the property!"

Hey, Marty -

Just wanted to drop you an email letting you know what was gong on with Loki. We have moved to Mallorca, Spain!

Yes, Spain. We have an amazing place here with over an acre of land and enough room for him, finally! He is the protector of the property! The pic I sent is of him thru the gate of our house. I don't think anyone is coming thru without my or his innovation!

Will be in NY in August and were thinking about getting another pup. I don't know what was going on with you but if the timing was right I might want to get another of Roman's pups - Female this time so let me know what could be possible. Even if the timing is not right I would still love to come out and see your new place. Plus, Emma (my gal) is dying to see Loki's dad!!

Hope all is well! Can't wait to hear what is going on with you and the dogs. I believe Loki could be the first Corso ever on the island of Mallorca!! Everyone that sees him falls in love with him, so be proud of what you have created!

Below is all me contact info - and the link to Loki's new home!

T. Carter

"Merry Christmas from
the Carter Family - 2004"

Loki (5 years old) and Caleb


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