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"It was as though Vinnie knew how small Wilson was and didn't want to "break" him so he kept his distance."

Hi Marty,

I hope this finds you and yours well. I wanted to check in and let you know Vinnie is doing GREAT. It's hard to believe he'll be 5 years old this year. He's a big boy.

I was particularly interested in letting you know he's shown a side we've never seen before. Some back story. Our Akita's are going to be 9 years old this year and are really beginning to slow down. Vinnie is particularly attached to Sam, the female. She's always been VERY nurturing towards him. Eric and I decided we needed to introduce a new dog before Max and Sam became too intolerable of another dog. We were able to find a Chocolate Lab in the immediate area. His name is Wilson.

At first all three dogs were very detached from the puppy. But Vinnie displayed some interest last week. We've kept Wilson crated so there are the nightly trips downstairs to do his duties. Vinnie has taken to getting up with "Mom" and going downstairs with Wilson and I. Vinnie and I wait in the garage for Wilson to do his thing on the side yard and when he's done the three of us go back up staris. I was so proud of Vinnie the first night he did this. I thought what a wonder big brother he is!

Playtime has been a progressive event ... It was as though Vinnie knew how small Wilson was and didn't want to "break" him so he kept his distance. Well, last night Wilson was all over Vinnie - standing and laying down. I was amazed and so pleased. And then this morning the roles were reversed. Vinnie had Wilson down, "mauling" him and lovingly pushing him around with his nose and feet. Both dogs were having the BEST time.

I just wanted any future buyers you have to know even tho these dogs appear to be, and actually are for us, wonderful guard dogs, they have a loving side equal to none.

Attached are some pictures I've been taking the past few weeks. Enjoy!



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